The Gallery's Principles and Values

Surround Art Gallery is an exclusive, high-end gallery that specializes in the sale of limited edition Contemporary Fine Art.
It is an official representative of chosen artists and their collections. The gallery maintains high standards of presentation, service, and selling contemporary Fine Art collections.

Surround Art Gallery carefully controls the limited edition, production process and secure delivery of artwork to make sure that each detail is perfect.

The artwork that has been shipped to the customer is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Warranty. These documents list important information about the purchased artwork. The Certificate provides specific information about the piece, while the warranty proclaims what responsibilities Surround Art Gallery has towards this artwork as well as providing essential advice for the customer on how best to care for it.

Surround Art Gallery's goal is to provide a first-class experience for every customer. We offer consultations before and after the sale, so you can be confident in your purchase. It is important for us that each piece of artwork is perfect for its new home.

Through every new purchase of the Surround Art Gallery‘s collectible art, the concept of beauty and perfection grows stronger in contemporary Fine Art. And as time goes on, these pieces will only get more valuable as they become rarer due to their strictly limited edition, high-end design and aesthetic appearance.
"Since the first day, the Gallery's tagline has been 'Quest for perfection' - a general principle of Fine Art. It reflects in every aspect of the Surround Art Gallery's presence." 

As a result, the most talented and hard working artists get their deserved appreciation from the audience and the Gallery completes its Mission - from composing original collections of noteworthy works of art to make them meet their owners - with dignity.

We have selected the finest art collections

for you to enjoy an aesthetics and mastery.