2022 is the Tiger's Year. Do not miss the opportunity to present yourself and your loved ones with gorgeous portraits of tigers from the outstanding master of photography - Brad Wilson!

Find your 2022 mascot from the "Tigers 2022" Special Collection. The tiger, as a symbol, gives optimism and dedication, encouraging people to move faster towards their dreams.

Collectible Fine Art photography from Surround Art Gallery will become not just a gift, but an inspiring decoration of any space that can delight you every day.
You can choose any size, from miniatures to large-scale wall art, and make the best present for this special New Year 2022!

We also present to your attention a sculpture of a "Victorious Tiger" by L'Aquart made from a whole piece tiger's eye.

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11 artworks

11 artworks

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Use the SURROUND code on the purchase page to get a 5% discount on the selected artwork.
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