Aaron Reed about Surround Art Gallery

In early August 2017, I was contacted by a gentleman named Evgeni Vertkov, who came to America in 1993 and became a citizen in pursuit of the American dream. Working in the diamond business and having had a musical education, he had a lifelong dream to open a Fine Art Gallery in Moscow.

The Russian art school had to go through different times, the times of decline and rise sometimes alternated quite intensely. Now peace has reigned in the country and people are especially open to new impressions, susceptible to aesthetics and self-development. Having achieved significant success in his business, including the creation of collections of premium jewelry brands, Eugene simultaneously got acquainted with the world of energetic, life-affirming, brilliant art photography, widely popular in the USA. Photography has been developing for a long time both in the USA and in Europe, which was a challenge for my new acquaintance and strengthened his desire to open his own gallery in Moscow. Eugene was sure that there would be a place in such a form in a country where contemporary art often carries a radical, controversial and sometimes aggressive subtext. He felt that where there are not so many sunny days and long winters, a bright and lively art capturing nature will bring people joy and benefit.

In the early stages of preparation, Eugene was going to present the work of a number of photographers, showing a great variety of the genre. However, in the end, his choice was limited to only two authors, who became me and Brad Wilson, the virtuoso Fine Art photographer from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both of us were already quite popular in the USA and Europe, but the inspiration with which Eugene offered us cooperation inspired us. He sought to expand our audience and at the same time introduce Russian residents, connoisseurs and collectors to a promising new art form. The concept and mission of the gallery was to create a colorful and cheerful atmosphere, to acquaint visitors with authors known for their craftsmanship, to provide them with the opportunity to acquire a truly beautiful piece of art and share positive emotions with loved ones. When the artists were chosen, the mosaic of this dream began to come together, the process of creating the gallery was launched. After just five fast-flying months, on January 7, 2018, the Surround Art Gallery opened its doors.

“There is so much beauty and so many wonderful artists in the world who are able to catch this magic and convey it in their works. For me, the best landscape photographer in the world is undoubtedly Aaron Reed. Surrounded by his photographs, I always feel the happiness of being in touch with the nature and beauty of our planet ”- the creator of Surround Art Gallery, Evgeny Vertkov.

The message of the gallery was the motto "Quest for Perfection ...". I, Eugene and Anastasia, the partner and curator of the gallery, have not missed a single detail to create a chic, inspiring space for visitors and special guests. The walls of the gallery, as well as gift wraps for small collectible photographs, are trimmed with faux suede that is luxurious to the touch. For each work, a special certificate is issued with a limited edition copy number, description, as well as a guarantee of quality and authenticity. Pictures up to 100x150 cm are available for immediate production and delivery, larger copies I provide upon individual request through the Surround Art Gallery.

Continuing the existing tradition, I sign and approve all my works in serial number. Each work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for an additional guarantee of origin. The collection provided for the Surround Art Gallery is unique and not available for sale anywhere else, even with me personally. This is a truly unsurpassed and worthy collection of my best works, which can only be appreciated by visiting the gallery. When our project is approved in Moscow, we will strive to ensure that the Surround Art Gallery appears in other major megacities of the planet.

All this experience was incredibly interesting, and it was a great pleasure to see how it took shape as a whole. Now I’m not planning to fly to Moscow, I just can’t afford to not see with my own eyes created by my partner and friend Surround Art Gallery