Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio (creator of the collection of sculptures and stone products and founder of L'Aquart creative studio, one of the best stone carving artists of our time) visited Surround Art Gallery, which became the first private gallery in Russia to represent the world-famous creator, for the first time in May 2018. The works of Luis Alberto are not just part of the exhibition, but the direct inspiration and personification of the creative idea and philosophy of Surround Art Gallery. His skillful and original creative presentation of the surrounding world, as well as his ingenious, high artistic vision became the expression of the gallery's mission: to revive the aesthetic foundations of art and to show the possibilities of modern creators to create beauty.

Impressed by the atmosphere of the gallery, Luis Alberto described his emotions as follows: "I have never seen a better presentation of art than here, and I am happy that people will get acquainted with my work in this particular place." During his stay in Moscow he repeatedly spoke with enthusiasm about the concept of the gallery and about the artists, who became its representatives together with him. Luis Alberto shared the details of creating his complex and diverse works, as well as his ideas for future collections, some of which will be created exclusively for Surround Art Gallery. But we will talk about it more in our future publications…

The next big discovery for the Peruvian artist in Moscow was an excursion to the not yet opened, but already quite well-organized COLLECTION Museum. It has to be said that it was an amazing experience, even for the Surround Art Gallery team. The COLLECTION Museum is a grand collection (the richest in Europe) of amazing pieces of art and rare objects from past centuries to today, literally each of which has the ability of pleasing the eye and imagination, affecting and speaking softly to the viewer, telling its unique story. These are numerous barrel organs, music boxes, exciting decorative and applied inventions, as well as intricately painted watches, exotic furniture, unique mechanical dolls and picturesque paintings and sculptures. Simply everything is there. It is inexplicable but obvious that there is a soul in all this diversity. Russian businessman David Mikhailovich Yakobashvili, whose contribution to art is invaluable to us, has built this collection and patronizes its growth and development. One could talk for a long time about this amazing place and about the people who are working hard to open this fairy-tale world to the public, but all the words cannot recapture that bright and sparkling impression that flashed on the day of our first encounter with the museum.
The opening of the museum is planned for the second half of summer 2018. The artwork of Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio will be given a well-deserved place for a contemporary artist, who keeps and develops ancient, complex and laborious stone carving techniques. Thanks to the masters of L'Aquart creative studio, hundreds of pieces of art have been created from a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones, that will remain for centuries as symbols of the beauty of our world, a memory of perfect craftsmanship and the traditions of carving artists, and their talent to revive the stone and reveal its beauty.

Our friend’s works, that were a part of the private collection, thus became a museum heritage in Russia, having already been exhibited in such collections as Faberge Museum, Museum of Gemological Institute of America, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Lissadro Museum of Lapidary Art, etc.

We encourage you to visit the COLLECTION Museum, and we are certainly waiting for you at Surround Art Gallery where you can admire masterpieces of modern art.