How can you surprise someone who regularly receives luxury gifts and is no longer surprised by this form of gift giving? There is a way to surprise such a person. You need something impressive and intriguing, something that will immediately trigger questions like: “What is it? Where is it from? How is this possible?”
Fine Art photography created by the unrivalled masters of the contemporary, something which has never been seen before in Russia leaves those who are still receptive to something unique and unknown speechless. Guests of our gallery, from young to old, breathlessly watch masterpieces by Aaron Reed and Brad Wilson. Curious children can be the ultimate indicator of the quality of these works – with pure perception and sensitivity, kids get drawn like magnets to the universal beauty of the artwork at Surround Art Gallery. As for adults, our art can wake up the inner child in even we and reserved of grown-ups. It is just impossible to remain indifferent to such sheer craftsmanship and the transcendent beauty of landscapes of distant lands, or the powerful energy of a wild animal, occurring so close in front of the viewer. Each new visitor has their own, entirely unique experience. They fall in love with what resonates with them.
For admirers and connoisseurs of more traditional but nonetheless impressive types of art, such as gemstone carving, our gallery offers the opportunity to see sculptures by the iconic artist, Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio. The choice of works here is interesting and boundless too: sculptures of animals from solid precious stones for devotees of fine art and elegant work (theatre clutches from jade or amethyst and fountain pens from rock crystal). Any of these gifts can show the high status of the person purchasing it, or of a collector, showing their perfect understanding of the value of real art.
Nobody is untouched by this art. We are happy to introduce this modern art to a larger audience, the art which was expected in Russia for so long. Some people already knew about the existence of Fine Art in the United States and Europe. Others unconsciously believe that the overpowering aesthetics should finally and inevitably flourish as so many opportunities have become available to artists in the last decades.
Works by Aaron Reed, Brad Wilson and Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio are limited edition, which makes them a 100% exclusive gift. You can choose your size (from gift miniatures to decorate small spaces to large-scale photographic prints) and subject line. We will provide your artwork with the appropriate premium packaging, a Certificate of Authenticity and a Limited Warranty. The Surround Art Gallery team will take care of the delivery and installation of the works.
Give the gift of bright emotions and a happy, harmonious life, full of new discoveries, to yourself and the people you love most!
Find out more about the quality characteristics of Fine Art prints in this article or ask our Art Consultant any other questions you may have by calling us at +7 968 966 88 86.