Fine Art


According to the Cambridge dictionary, Fine Art means drawings, paintings and sculptures that are admired for their beauty, but have no practical use.

In Russian the term “Fine Arts” is usually translated as “beaux-arts”. This term involves painting, sculpting, photography and other kinds of art which do not have applied qualities but are equipped with aesthetic properties. Due to its accuracy and artistic expression it can evoke special feelings and emotions.

But there is a fundamental conceptual and historical difference between these two terms. “Fine arts” in Russian commonly refers to classical paintings, sculptures, architecture, music, dance, theatre etc. This term is most frequently used in scientific and official contexts.
The term “Fine Arts” came into the Russian language relatively recently and established itself as a reference to contemporary arts of aesthetic and cultural value. We prefer this term as the most suitable to describe the works displayed in our gallery. Still, the term “Fine Art” most commonly refers to photographic art.

Fine Art photography reflects an artist’s creative vision. In this connection it’s opposed to photojournalism which is supposed to be a visual documentation of reality as well as commercial photography whose goal is to advertise products and services.
“Photography that is done as a fine art – is done to express the artist’s perceptions and emotions and to share them with others.” Photography encyclopedia. New York: Schirmer, 1999.

It took 100 years for the photography society to acknowledge photography as a form of art. Only at the beginning of the 20th century did photographic prints start to appear in the collections of leading American museums and private galleries. Exactly at that time the term of “Fine Art” photography appeared in order to define the creative shoots transmitting the individuality of the photographer.
Including a huge variety of genres, motives and forms, photography broadens the horizons, lets us travel in time and space, helps us revisit past moments, learn secrets of old reality and see them from the photographer’s perspective. Artistic shoots reproduce not only the context but also the emotions and a special attitude.

Photography is the youngest out of the collectors’ forms of art and has gained a foothold on the market; the demand for photographers is growing over the years. In Russia interest in contemporary photography is growing. It can definitely be said that this type of art will be of high interest for a long period time. Photography reflects the development of human artistry, passes on the experience of previous generations and eternalizes its values. It is acknowledged to be a bright element of design which emphasizes excellent taste and the mindset of its holder.