Fine Art photography in luxury modern interiors by Voix

Fine Art of any era becomes a part of the life of contemporaries and reflects its most vivid manifestations. Today, our partner is the architectural bureau Voix Interiors, whose ideology reflects uncompromising quality and impeccable performance, luxury and comfort. In order to demonstrate the balance of the interaction of Surround Art Gallery art objects with upscale modern design and architecture, a joint exposition was organized in the salons: cutting-edge fine art in interiors of the highest class.

The harmonious design, the finest elaboration of details, the noble materials of the VOIX Interiors furniture sets create a striking ensemble with clean and deep collection photos of Aaron Reed and Brad Wilson. Comfortably sitting in the Bentley Home armchair and admiring Fine Art pictures of landscapes, you get the feeling of a serene flight through the picturesque area in the cabin of an expensive car. And the glamor and laconicism of Italian furniture irresistibly complement the vivid portraits of wild animals, creating mesmerizing accents in a “space with character.”

Voix Interiors and Surround Art Gallery demonstrate an ideal modern interior, where each component is part of a magnificent symphony, aesthetics do not conflict with modernity, and contemporary design and art have found absolute harmony. In such interiors, you want to breathe deeply, live in pleasure, set more and more ambitious goals and achieve them.

Discover new facets of interior design with the most relevant high art of our time - Fine Art photography.