Fine Art photography and sculpture as an ideal of contemporary visual art

Fine Art photography and sculpture as an ideal of contemporary visual art

The Surround Art Gallery is Russia's first Fine Art gallery exhibiting works by prominent contemporary authors: Fine Art by photographers Aaron Reed and Brad Wilson, as well as sculptors Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio and Jack Storms.

What is Fine Art Photography? Translated, “fine art photography” means photography related to fine arts. World interest in it as an achievement of the creative thought of mankind is high and continues to grow. Photography as an art began growing up at the beginning of the 20th century, becoming a logical continuation of the visual arts of the period of scientific and technological progress.

The end of the 20th century presented digital photography to humanity, opening up new prospects for the development of visual art. Stepping from analog to digital, photography has allowed contemporary artists to achieve the heights impossible to this day in conveying the beauty of the phenomena of the world. Artists, keeping up with the times, mastered the tools, corresponding to the age of digital technology. Improving their skills and realizing artistic talent, they began to create incredible, exciting and inspiring works of fine art of a new generation.

Thus, the evolution of human knowledge naturally led to scientific discoveries that gave society new creative tools to create more advanced objects of art. The main motive of artists, as in the days of classical painting, remains the desire to artistically express a sensual perception of the greatness of the universe or the urgent problems of a generation of contemporaries. Moreover, as you know, evolution is impossible without natural selection, thanks to which in the art world only a few photo artists - geniuses and innovators - were able to achieve world recognition. The key and objective criterion for this selection, as at all times of the creative activity of mankind, was the mastery of the author.

Due to objectivity in determining the value, uniqueness of creative techniques and reflecting new heights in creative activity, Fine Art photographs of individual authors become objects of high contemporary art. Among these artists, Fine Art resident photographers of the Surround Art Gallery project were selected. High art is the result of a complex, workshop, unique work of the creator, who, due to his talent and striving for excellence, creates unique works that cannot be repeated without deep knowledge.

In America and Europe, Fine Art photography as a direction in art has enjoyed tremendous success for more than two decades. Its relevance allows speaking with the viewer in the modern language of technological advances and digital progress. Fine Art gives future generations the opportunity for even greater creative improvement, uniting photo artists of different views around them and linking digital art and painting.

Surround Art Gallery presents the works of selected authors, capable of demonstrating the pinnacles of today's visual creativity, and opens up new horizons for art. The choice of the project is determined by the desire for excellence and the revival of artistic ideals based on the beauty of the universe. That is why the main theme that brings together gallery artists is wildlife. The beauty of the world, skillfully conveyed by the talented masters of Fine Art photography and sculpture, can captivate the viewer and give him a sense of full aesthetic satisfaction.

Modern Fine Art photography and sculpture have become the pinnacle of the evolution of visual art - just the way Surround Art Gallery sees it.