About Surround Art Gallery


Surround Art Gallery was founded in 2018 as the first high class Fine Art photography gallery.
The Gallery unites the prestige of a luxury boutique and the status of a gallery of high art. Its art collections have been carefully chosen following the gallery's initial vision: To introduce audiences to contemporary artworks that respect the classic and historically-proven distinctive features of Fine Art. The main concept of this is that absolute craftsmanship is essential for absolute talent. 
Contemporary art has entered in a new era of human existence - the digital age, and Fine Art photography has taken well-deserved attention of the gallery. These artworks speak to viewers in the modern languages of technology and progress, while simultaneously expressing universal aesthetics that are inseparable from Fine Art. 
"Fine Art has always been the most exquisite form of human creativity, and Surround Art Gallery is honored to preserve this concept by revealing its examples in contemporary art."
Man-made contemporary sculptures have become the complementary part of the exposition due to their various voluminous forms, details, and materials. 
From day one, the Gallery attracted great attention with its harmonious appearance. All of this and much more led to the Gallery’s success and demand today.

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dreams to life

with Contemporary Fine Art.

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