Surround Art Gallery Limited Edition Fine Art Glass Sculpture - Chroma Cube by Jack Storms  from $12000
Surround Art Gallery Limited Edition Fine Art Glass Sculpture - Chroma Cube by Jack Storms  from $12000
Fine Art Sculpture &
Fine Art Sculpture &
Fine Art Sculpture &

Fine Art Sculpture ''Chroma Cube''

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Chroma Cube features over three hundred cuts and naturally sparkles like a large diamond. The beauty and complexity of the Chroma Cube makes it one of Jack Storms most sought after sculptures.
Each one of Jack Storms cold glass sculptures starts at the core. The artist then cuts, grinds, polishes and laminates the glass together, hundreds of times; until he achieves the core design he aspires for. Jack is known to reference the theory of Fibonacci throughout ideation and creation of all his glass designs. He then encases the core into optical crystal and hand sculpts each piece to shape. Each one of his glass sculptures takes anywhere from six to twenty four weeks to create and all of his artworks are original pieces of fine art. All of Jack Storms glass sculptures are designed using a cold-working lathe. There is no heat involved in the process whatsoever. 

Standard Chroma Cube 4” is available for purchase and delivery which is rare due to high demand for Jack Storms' artworks.

Sculpture has an individual decorative box branded by Surround Art Gallery. This box is hand-made with leather and alcantara.
This Fine Art sculpture will be available for shipping in 2 business days after purchase. For shipping conditions and terms, please contact us via email at If you can’t wait, please visit our FAQ and Shipping Policy pages for immediate answers.

6.5” W x 10.5” H (16,5 x 26,6 cm) sculpture standing on base

The height of cube's edge is 4 inches (10 cm).


32% optical lead crystal, optical crystal and dichroic glass

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It is quite simple to keep an artwork in its original purity.  Try not to touch the front surface unnecessarily and avoid getting it wet.

Do not use anti-dust brushes which can scratch the surface of the artwork. Also avoid harsh cleaning chemicals on your artwork, like glass cleaning products for acrylic mounting. We strongly recommend you dust your picture gently using a soft, dry cloth that is lint-free. Microfiber cloths for lenses work extremely well.If you wish to remove a spot of dirt, dust, or grime, only use a photo lens cleaner – and only on the spot itself. Do not unnecessarily scrub clean areas. What’s more, remember that there is no need to apply excess pressure when wiping the surface. To get more details you may reference the Limited Warranty information and detailed storage instructions accompanying your artwork delivery.

A: All of the artworks are delivered in a secure packaging, specially designed for the art transformation. Our top priority is getting your order to you securely and without damage – decorative purposes are not important when compared with the safe delivery of your precious artwork.

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Some of the sculptures are accompanied with the high quality Surround Art Gallery leather box, you will find the note of it in their description.

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