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Welcome to Surround Art Gallery. Here, you can find precious artworks for your home decoration and get them wherever you are.

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Surround Art Gallery has a serious approach for the selection of Art Collections, choosing them according to certain criteria.  Some of the most important criteria are the skill of the author and the beauty of the artwork.  We are looking for the best in Contemporary Fine Art for our customers to get maximum aesthetic pleasure. These art collections also become a right art investment, since the more masterly artwork is created the more rare it is, and therefore the more valuable.

Magnificent wall art

Surround Art Gallery's Fine Art collections do not leave indifferent thanks to their expressiveness, grace and relevance.  They demonstrate the achievements of modernity, at the same time, reflecting the beauty of the pristine world - living nature.

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and always please your eyes.

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Los Angeles Office Customer Service contact number: 

+1 (628) 288 78 78

Gallery's Adress

Okhotnyy Ryad, 2, Moscow, Russia,109012

Phone and WhatsApp:

+7 968 966 88 86

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